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The true story of a son’s battle with addiction and a mother’s struggle with loss.


David is only fifteen years old when he first feels morphine flow through his veins after his foot is crushed in the hydraulics of a Bobcat. From that moment on he chases the feeling for the rest of his life. Alcohol, marijuana, cocaine – he goes through drugs like candy, but it isn’t until he finds heroin that he's satisfied.

The Last Stop is a memoir about losing a son to heroin addiction as told from the perspective of the addict and his parent through letters, journals, and memories.  Intimate scenes of the addict lifestyle and a parent’s love are revealed in vivid detail.  David’s story gives hope for families immersed in the life-altering aspects of active addiction, empathy for those left behind, and is a window into the tragedy and impact the opioid crisis is having on people of all ages across America.

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