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Patricia Street

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Hello and welcome to my website! I am a mom who didn’t know anything about addiction when I discovered my adult son, David, was addicted to heroin. This was in late 1999. Getting help and learning how to cope with an addicted son was demanding and emotionally draining. I had to quickly gain an understanding of the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of addiction. I also had to learn how to cope with the shame and stigma addiction brings. Addiction kept David in its grip for 15 years and then took him completely in 2014. I worked on this book for four years to present a fair and true assessment of my experiences with David’s addiction and death so others might benefit and avoid his fate.
I learned after my son’s death how important it was for him to be a published author. Part 2 of the book includes his writings and reflects his personal battle with addiction. As a thoughtful storyteller and poet, David's words take the reader inside the mindset of an addict. I am hopeful my experiences and mistakes and his words will help readers better understand the life-altering aspects of addiction.


I live in Virginia with my husband and little terrier, Benji. Last year, I was blessed with a beautiful grandson.


Here's a sampling of what reviewers have said about The Last Stop: 

“A mother’s devastating story, chronicling the ravages of addiction. … readers take heed: Street offers a brutally honest look at the harsh reality of addiction.”

- Publisher's Weekly


“Powerful, Emotional and Inspiring" – Indie Express, Goodreads 5*


“David’s story is a must-read for families dealing with addiction and a window into the tragedy and impact the opioid crisis is having on young people across America” – Kobo 5*


“So well written. A parent and child struggling with drug addiction. So heartfelt yet very informative. Superb reading.” – 5* Frances Oatley, UK

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