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First Reviews!!

After "The Last Stop" was published in October, it went on an online blitz. Here are a couple reviews from Rabt Books:

On a Reading Bender (11/14/2021):

Wow, a mother’s account of her son’s story and trials of his life. She really lays it all out there, she completely opens her life and experiences in a way that will be eye-opening to both those dealing with something similar or those who haven’t had to deal with it. It’s heartbreaking at times, and really sheds light on the lives of those who fall victim to addiction.

The Indie Express (11/9/2021):

I found this to be both raw and honest, above all, an inspirational and heart-warming book. Patricia Street's words and David's story are powerful and beautiful. They show vulnerability and ultimately the power to overcome and become victorious. Street's writing style is smooth and effortless. Powerful and Emotional and Inspiring.

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