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  • Patricia Street

Radiant Star

Yesterday, I rose before the break of dawn

When the cloak of darkness invites you in

With the lure to wander.

Sleepy-eyed and shaky, I got my bearings

My feet at the ready as I stepped through familiar stillness

Sleek as a cat, soft as the dew.

Times such as this, I feel content

I know where I am, eager to discover

What little event gave me cause to rise

I followed my feet to find a surprise

Behind white lace, I drew it aside.

There it was ...

Amid the dark blue sky, shiny and bright

Prominently placed in direct eyesight.

A silent message of faith and love from a radiant star

Hung high in solitude though not alone

Among the others its brilliance shone.

~ P. Street, 2022

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